Get rewards for even the smallest miners A mining pool where everyone get their fair share

DERO Mining Pool for more Fun'n'Profit

DERO Mining is all about getting mini blocks, tasty mini blocks.

Before you can get started, you need a Wallet Setup

Pool Mining was born to give everyone even the slowest and smallest of devices a way to win rewards.

Look below for instriction on how to join our mining pool and start getting rewards in 24 hours

DERO Pool Mining with

What is Pool Mining?

Pool mining is when everyone is mining together as one family, creating a big beast miner. Everyone will mine together and share the rewards daily.

Current Pool Round (Started at block 2644250)

INFOminerDERO Stargate HE AstroBWT Community Pools miner : It is an alpha version, use it for testing/evaluations purpose only.
INFOminer Copyright 2017-2023 DERO Community (mmarcel,hansen33). All rights reserved.
INFOminer {"OS": "Linux", "ARCH": "amd64", "GOMAXPROCS": 11430}
INFOminer {"Version": "3.5.3-140.DEROHE.STARGATE+13062023"}
INFOminer {"MODE": "mainnet"}
INFOminer System will mine to "dero1qy5ml7jksd70lx8zl9x4fnyewg8lzfvuvwmznnu54065hc5fsh6y7qgknzx5l" with 52 threads. Good Luck!! 🍀
INFOminer connecting to {"url": "wss://"}
INFOminer Hansen33 Mod Mining Node Detected - Happy Mining
...Height ... IB:6 MB:116 MBR:3 MBO:12 NW ... MINING @ ...>>>
> 522 Miner(s) connected with 79,718 Worker(s) - Effort over Last 50 Rewards is ...
Please enter wallet address, password and hit ENTER
You find your password in the comment field of the last payout transaction

Miners who use an integrated address can view their stats by entering the
integrated address and the first 4 decimal places of one of the last 3 withdrawals.
Example: If one of the last 3 withdrawals was 0.09876 Dero, the password is 0987

Check the Pool Historical Performance on

Live Network Wide View of Newborn Miniblock(s)

What are the remote mining fees?

Pool Mining Fee is 4%

We have set fees to 3 x 1% for the 3 developers, and +1% for the owner of this node

We calculate fees of total rewards and not for each miner.

When do I get paid?

Next Payout in 4,620 Blocks - Current Round Ends at Height: 2,649,049

Everyone get paid according to their share, every 4800 blocks

We are processing 4800 blocks for round luck calculation and all blocks where our rewards are located. All rewards will be paid out in a single batch.

There is no minimum payout from the pool, as long as the pool mine a block or a mini block and you have contributed enough hash, you will get paid.

The average effort for finding a block in last round was ...
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DERO Pools - A Community Driven Decentralised Pool

When we go live each of our DERO Nodes will run the Pool software

This means more DERO Pools, running in different locations and data centers and owned by different people. Public Dero Node owners in our partnership will also become pool owners and will earn part of the fee.

(If you are interested in becoming a partner and run a DERO pool in your region, please get in touch)

Does Your Pool Work with TradeOgre and KuCoin?


TradeOgre provides an integrated address by default.

Kucoin is using a shared wallet with destination port and
this is required to generate a compatible mining address.

Without it, you won't receive your mining rewards!.
And your mining efforts will be donated to KuCoin and lost forever.
Use form above to generated your miner address

How do I get started?

100% Compatible with Official Miner

No special Miner or software required.
Only change the daemon URL to the below address,
otherwise Use your own wallet address and run miner as per usual.

Quick setup guides for all platforms below

Happy Mining! 🍀

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